2 claps for the Twins fans doing the Ric Flair WOOO!

Looking for a bitter sports writer? Look elsewhere.
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Ric Flair WOO

Twins fans have been stylin' and profilin' with one of nature's most recognizable sounds:  Ric Flair's patented "WOOO!"

The Nature Boy's famous expression of sheer excellence has been a constant at Target Field of late, especially in the late innings when it's the only thing you hear between the words coming out of TV announcer Dick Bremer. 


SKOR North radio host Phil Mackey, a giant wrestling fan, can't take it anymore. 

KFAN's Brandon Mileski would rather deal with "The Wave."

It's apparently really disrupting to the radio broadcast on WCCO. 

But as Ric Flair told a Texas sports writer who wanted the WOOO banned in 2018: "The WOOOO will never die." 

And as many people who can't stand nature's most recognizable call, there are just as many kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin', limousine ridin', jet flyin' son of a guns who can't get enough of it. 

The WOO'ing was so intense during Thursday's Twins-White Sox game that it continued long after, with one fan reporting people WOOO'd on the light rail all the way to St. Paul

WOOO'ing has been happening at ballparks – both minor leagues and major leagues – all over the country. There have been fans in Cleveland begging the Indians to ban the Ric Flair fun. 

It's also been reported at Busch Stadium, the home of the St. Louis Cardinals. 

The Texas sports writer mentioned above covered the Houston Astros, and his intolerance isn't shared by Houston outfielder Josh Reddick, a big wrestling fan, who loves the WOOO so much that he refers to Houston as "Wooston." 

In Philly, sports writers have called fans doing the WOOO "insufferable." 

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For the record, the Twins are to blame for the WOOO'ing. It was the Twins who just a few years ago began playing the WOOO over the speakers whenever a Twins pitcher struck out a batter at Target Field. It didn't happen often because, you know, Twins pitchers don't get many swings and misses, but if there's anyone to blame it's the Twins. 

And let's not forget that if the WOOO is welcome anywhere, it's here. Flair spent his childhood years being raised in Edina, and was later trained as a wrestler by a Minnesota legend, Verne Gagne. 

With that, the next time a bitter sports talking head tries to end the fun, just give them a 2-clap and send a WOOO! into the air. 

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