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2018 Minnesota Twins earn place on list of the most pathetic 10 games of the last 30 years

Easily one of the most pathetic 10-game stretches in 3 decades.

The Twins have allowed 9.25 runs per game during their current eight-game losing streak, which is less than the 2000 Baltimore Ravens' record-setting defense (10.3 per game). 

Problem is, the Twins aren't a football team. 

In an effort to explain how close the Twins are to reaching the gold standard of mediocre Twins baseball, we dug through the schedule every season the last 30 years to find the worst 10-game stretches they've had. 

This research is all about runs allowed over 10 games and has nothing to do with wins and losses, although as you'd imagine, futility generally leads to more defeats than victories. 

Without further ado, here are the oh mug gawd results. 

  1. 99 runs, April 21-30, 1993
  2. 86 runs, July 4-16, 1996
  3. 86 runs, May 14-24 1995
  4. 86 runs, April 5-14, 1994
  5. 85 runs, Sep. 8-18, 1995
  6. 84 runs, Aug. 5-19, 1998
  7. 82 runs, May 28-Jun. 7, 2017
  8. 81 runs, April 17-27, 2018
  9. 81 runs, Sep. 9-19, 1998
  10. 81 runs, June 28-July 7, 1994
  11. 80 runs, April 20-30, 1994
  12. 79 runs, April 7-17, 1999
  13. 77 runs, July 27-Aug. 6, 1996
  14. 77 runs, May 16-28, 1993
  15. 77 runs, July 27-Aug. 6 1995
  16. 77 runs, Jun. 11-20, 2017
  17. 76 runs, Aug. 28-Sep. 6, 2016
  18. 75 runs, Jun. 9-18, 2016
  19. 74 runs, Aug. 10-20, 1997
  20. 74 runs, Aug. 11-20, 2016
  21. 74 runs, April 3-12, 2000
  22. 74 runs, May 17-28, 1999
  23. 74 runs, June 8-18, 2003

Having allowed 74 runs in the last eight games, the Twins could easily jump even higher on this list. It all depends on how many runs they allow to the lowly Reds this weekend. 

  • If they allow 10 runs they'll be tied 4th with the '98 Twins. 
  • If they allow 11 runs they'll be tied 3rd with the '95 Twins. 
  • If they allow 12 runs they'll be tied 2nd with the '93-95 Twins. 

Regardless, the 2018 Twins have already earned their place in team history with one of the most pathetic 10 consecutive games of the last 30 years.

As miserable as this stretch, and so many other stretches have been, it's unlikely that any team will achieve as much misery as the 1993 Twins did during a historically awful 10 days of baseball from April 21-30. 

Fun nuggets we stumbled upon during research: 

- Twins allowed 147 runs during a 19-game stretch in which they had just two wins in 2016. 

- 74 runs surrendered in their last eight games is one more run than the Twins allowed in the final 25 games of the first half of the 2006 season. 

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