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If you think all of the offseason rumors have lit a fire under Aaron Rodgers' behind, wait until you get a load of what he did over the past two weeks. 

Rodgers, the NFL MVP who has made it no secret he prefers unproven, alternative treatments (hello, vaccine controversy) says he completed a 12-day Panchakarma cleanse that typically involves vomiting, laxatives and a whole bunch of other uncomfortable stuff. 

"Look that up," Rodgers said Tuesday of the Panchakarma cleanse, during an appearance with Pat McAfee. "It's a cleanse that originated in India. It's been going on for thousands of years and it's something I've done in the off-seasons." 

OK. We looked it up. Here's what we found

The cleanse begins with a special massage using specific oils that moves toxins into the gastrointestinal tract. That happens every day for 3-7 days, with each massage followed by what sounds like a good amount of time in a steam room to help sweat out more toxins. 

The cleanse then moves onto the Shodana stage, which includes therapeutic vomiting to help cleanse the lungs and remove mucus from body. 

Next up is taking laxatives to rid the body of excess bile and improve the digestive system. 

Then comes a bunch of enemas, which removes feces, urine, bile and other excreta that the body retains. Basically, Rodgers did a whole lot of pooping. 

Step 4 of the Shodana stage involves nasal therapeutics that help cleanse the sinuses, throat, nose and head, which is believed to help reduce sinus congestion, migraine headaches, and eye and ear problems, in addition to making it easier to breathe. Someone dips their pinky finger in butter (known as ghee) and inserts the finger into the nose and gives a nasal massage. 

The final step involves the detoxification of blood, which is done through bloodletting. Bloodletting through this cleanse can include placing leeches on the body to remove a small amount of blood from the veins. No word if Rodgers had leaches placed all over his body.

"You're eating a specific diet and you're going through these treatments every day. You're not really doing anything else. It's kind of a re-centering, and it not only heals you physically but it also takes away mental stress," Rodgers explained. 

The diet, for the record, includes nothing but kitchari and ghee, which is essentially rice and veggies with clarified butter. 

Which means: Rodgers ate clarified butter, but failed to clarify his future in the NFL.

Exercise, sex, music, TV and other "stimulating experiences" are supposed to be avoided during the cleanse. Oh, and no cold drinks, cold food, caffeine, white sugar, dairy or alcohol. 

For the record, experts on the subject say you shouldn't do the Panchakarma cleanse without a professional leading the way. 

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