Aaron Rodgers wishes Anthony Barr had checked to see if he was okay

The Packers quarterback says he's squashed his beef with Barr.
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Rodgers and Barr

It's been more than nine months since Aaron Rodgers snapped his clavicle in a game against the Vikings last season, but we still can't seem to move past the season-ending hit that Anthony Barr put on Rodgers. 

In an interview with NBC Sports' Peter King, Rodgers said it would've been nice if Barr had checked on him following the Oct. 15 hit that left Rodgers lying on the turf in pain at U.S. Bank Stadium. 

“I mean, I think it’s time to move on for everybody. I had looked over just to see if maybe there was gonna be a thumbs up, or hey you okay? Or whatever. It’s a league where you appreciate what we put our bodies through. I thought … knowing that I wouldn’t be on the ground unless it was a significant injury then maybe he’d be looking over, giving me a thumbs-up-you-okay? Or something. But it wasn’t the case. We had some words exchanged on both sides.” 

Instead of a thumbs up, Rodgers is on record saying Barr told him to "suck it" and gave him the middle finger after hitting him. Barr responded to Rodgers' claim by telling him that he doesn't care if he's dealing with Aaron Rodgers or Mr. Rogers, and that his hit wasn't dirty. 

We don't have to wait long for the rematch. The Vikings play the Packers at Lambeau Field in Week 2, exactly two months from today (July 16). 

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