Adrian Peterson leads peace walk against gun violence, spreads kindness to inner-city Houston neighborhood

Peterson's brother was shot and killed in Houston in 2007.
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Former Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been spreading love and kindness in Houston this weekend, leading a peace walk against gun violence on Saturday and then visiting a rough inner-city neighborhood apartment complex that one of his friends grew up in. 

At the apartment complex, Peterson and his friend had a cell phone camera rolling when a young boy approached them in the hallway, who happened to live in the apartment that they were dropping off a bag of groceries to. 

Peterson introduced himself and encouraged the boy to "stay out of trouble, keep your nose clean and surround yourself by good people." 

"It is our job to give back to people in need," Peterson wrote on Twitter. "I only hope to inspire this young man as the positive influences did for me on my journey. Let’s spread love not hate."

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Peterson, on Saturday, led a peace walk in a neighborhood of south Houston where two children were recently shot, according to ABC 13

Peterson grew up in Palestine, Texas and currently lives in Houston, which is where his brother was shot and killed in 2007. Peterson told FOX 26 that he joined the 'No More Bloodshed' movement to "show support to the other families that lost loved ones as well."

On the field, Peterson is a free agent and looking to sign with a new team, one of which he's interested in being the Green Bay Packers. 

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