Adrian Peterson's 7-mile running routine is extremely difficult

This is more than a basic 7-mile jog.
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If you can head outside or hop on a treadmill and run 7 miles you're already ahead of most, but could you handle the 7-mile routine Adrian Peterson does?

Here's how the former Vikings running back gets it done.

Peterson runs the first mile at 6 mph followed by another mile at 9 mph. Then, without stopping, he runs five more miles while alternating his speed on every lap around the track, one lap at 5-6.5 mph and then a lap at 12 mph.

  • 1 mile at 6 mph
  • 1 mile at 9 mph
  • 1 lap at 5-6.5 mph
  • 1 lap at 12 mph
  • repeat the laps 20 times

It's so tough that Peterson said he had to ask God for strength before he started. 

He's Adrian Peterson, you're not. Think you can do it?

Peterson is still hoping to sign with an NFL team before the start of the 2018 season. The former Vikings star rusher was released by the Arizona Cardinals and is on record saying it would be a dream to play for his hometown Houston Texans. 

At 12,276 career rushing yards, Peterson ranks 12th all time, just under 1,000 yards shy of passing Eric Dickerson for 8th all time. 

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