An Instagram fight has started between Andrew Wiggins and Jimmy Butler, Stephen Jackson

This is the most modern dispute we've ever seen.
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Wednesday in the NBA was more like a soap opera and it revolved around the Timberwolves. 

First, Jimmy Butler reportedly had Tom Thibodeau fly all the way to Los Angeles simply to tell him that he wants to be traded before the 2018-19 season begins. As soon as the news broke, Andrew Wiggins' older brother, Nick Wiggins, tweeted "Hallelujah." 

Wiggins quickly deleted the tweet but not before it was cemented in history thanks to super edgy technology called screen shots. 

Butler's response to the "Hallelujah" tweet? A workout video captioned "Hallelujah" in which he says "keep that same energy." 

Then, retired NBA player Stephen Jackson took the drama to another level by pretending to be Wiggins having a conversation with his older brother about the "Hallelujah" tweet.

"I ain't got no heart," Jackson said, pretending to be Wiggins. "Now, you want to get on social media to talk about Jimmy, we lose him and our team ain't got no heart. Now if you going to take me to the wizard and help me find the yellow brick road to get me a heart then cool you can talk about Jimmy all you want, because you know I ain't got no heart.

Jackson added that Cleveland traded Wiggins to Minnesota for Kevin Love because he doesn't play with heart. 

Wiggins fired back on Instagram calling Jackson a "bum ass," adding in a note that we can only perceive to be directed Butler: "I keep that same energy everywhere I go!" 

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Being called a bum didn't sit well with Jackson, so he filmed another selfie video telling Wiggins not to mess with him. 

"Make sure your energy is straight when you see me, bruh. I'm pretty sure you know who I am. Make sure your energy is straight," Jackson says. "Just focus on finding some heart and having a good year. I wish you the best. You got a lot of talent just find that. Please don't try to do that with me, bruh. 

"Just keep that same energy, I'll catch you in traffic."

Wiggins and Butler have long been reported to have a strained relationship, although it wasn't until the "Hallelujah" tweet that the basketball world was served something of a confirmation of their issues. 

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