Andrew Wiggins for Kawhi Leonard? ESPN's Zach Lowe believes Wolves could make a compelling offer

He believes the Wolves could make a compelling offer.
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We've written about the idea of the Timberwolves trading for Kawhi Leonard before, and we still believe that it's a pipe dream, but when ESPN's Zach Lowe writes on the issue, all should take notice. 

Lowe, one of the top NBA insiders on the planet, discussed briefly in his Thursday column the idea of Minnesota and San Antonio swapping Wiggins and Leonard. He wrote: 

"This is interesting. Wiggins is a divisive player. He probably carries negative trade value on his max-level deal. But he's 23 and undeniably skilled, and the Spurs still have a jones for midrange jumpers. Toss in a couple of picks, and the Wolves could make a compelling offer.

"It's hard to see Minnesota going into 2018-19 with both Leonard and Butler on expiring contracts. That is too much risk. It's logical to then flip the discussion to a Butler-for-Leonard deal -- expiring for expiring -- but that seems unworkable."

There are two very clear problems with a Wiggins for Leonard deal: Wiggins didn't live up to his max contract last season and Leonard reportedly wants to play in Los Angeles, which means any team other than the Lakers or Clippers that trade for him risk giving away a ton of assets for a one-year rental.

And remember, Wiggins signed his five-year, $148 million contract extension with the Wolves last summer, but it doesn't go into effect until this season. Any team that rosters Wiggins is accepting all $148 million of his deal. 

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Like Lowe says, Wiggins is "undeniably skilled." The Wolves are probably best suited to hope he matures and unleashes his skills on a nightly basis. 

Wiggins is still just 23 years old and already entering his fifth season in the NBA.

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