Anonymous NBA GM: Jimmy Butler has an 'inflated view of his own importance'

The GM thinks Butler has quite the ego.
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At least one NBA general manager doesn't think Jimmy Butler is a very good team player, according to NBA reporter Sam Amico

"I wouldn’t trade for him,” the unnamed GM told Amico Hoops. “Someone will, eventually. But he’s a problem."

Butler reportedly informed the Timberwolves on Wednesday that he'd like to be traded before the upcoming season begins, something ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski says Wolves boss Tom Thibodeau doesn't want to do. 

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The anonymous GM told Amico that he wouldn't want Butler on his team.

“I’m not buying much of anything being put out there,” the GM said, according to Amico. “Butler’s reps are probably the source for most of this stuff, so we’re probably only hearing the very best of Butler being reported. But the guy has been two places, hasn’t really won (anything) and is causing issues. He has an inflated view of his own importance if you ask me. I wouldn’t want him on my team."

The news about Butler asking for a trade is only a day old and it's already led to arguably the messiest situation the Wolves have had in 20 years, and that's saying something considering the Wolves have had numerous issues in the past. 

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