Anthony Barr knows Packers fans hate him because of his hit on Aaron Rodgers

Barr ended Rodgers' 2017 season more than eight months ago.
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It's been more than eight months since Aaron Rodgers snapped his collarbone against the Vikings, and linebacker Anthony Barr is still answering questions about his hit that pretty much ended the season for Green Bay's finest athlete. 

During an interview on NFL Total Access this week, Barr was asked if his hit on Rodgers is why Packers fans hate him so much. 

"Probably, amongst other things," said Barr. "But that's definitely No. 1 on the list." 

Barr said Rodgers had something to say immediately after that play at U.S. Bank Stadium last season: "He was upset, he probably knew kind of what the situation was so I understand that. So when I say something back you can't take it personally either. It goes both ways. I never try to hurt anybody."

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Barr called his hit on Rodgers a "routine hit," similar to one he put on Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston earlier in the season, in which Winston wasn't injured. 

Rodgers suffered the injury Oct. 15 and missed eight straight weeks before starting again in a Week 15 loss to the Panthers. Green Bay then shut him down for the rest of the season. 

Rodgers will get a shot at revenge when the Packers host the Vikings at Lambeau Field  in Week 2, which should be even more fun since Barr is planning on rushing opposing quarterbacks more in 2018. 


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