Atlanta Falcons plan online re-watch of '98 NFC title game against Vikings

Viking fans will take "a hard pass."
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NFL via YouTube

NFL via YouTube

With COVID-19 destroying the sports landscape across the world, many have turned to YouTube to watch their favorite games and get their fix. The Atlanta Falcons have pulled a page out of this book, organizing fans to get together via Twitter to re-watch the 1998 NFC Championship Game on Monday night.

Their excuse seems plausible as ESPN is planning to re-air a September 2006 matchup between the Falcons and New Orleans Saints. The Falcons lost that game 23-3 and with the Saints-Falcons rivalry like the south's version of the Vikings and Packers, it makes sense they wouldn't want to watch.

But for Viking fans, the news of Atlanta's online party came with a hard pass. 

The Falcons beat the Vikings in that game to advance to the Super Bowl thanks in large part to Gary Anderson's first missed kick of the year. As one of the worst defeats in the history of Minnesota sports, some took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

Here's hoping that Minnesota fans can get sports back before ESPN decides to air the 2015 NFC Wild Card game against Seattle or the 2000, 2009 or 2017 NFC title games.

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History between the Vikings and Falcons

The most recognizable game between the Vikings and Falcons happened in January of 1999. Atlanta upset the heavily favored Vikings in the NFC Championship game. As much as that pains Minnesota fans to this day, it's not the only game between these two teams.