Baldelli thought the Twins-Angels game could've been played despite water on the field

Water wasn't draining from the outfield grass after rain moved through the L.A. area.
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The grounds crew squeegees the outfield grass at Angels Stadium. 

The grounds crew squeegees the outfield grass at Angels Stadium. 

Wednesday night's game between the Twins and Angels in Anaheim was postponed even though Twins manager Rocco Baldelli thought they could've played. 

As if a rainout in the L.A. area isn't rare enough, this rainout wasn't because it was actually raining. It was because the rain wasn't draining fast enough from the outfield grass. 

According to Angels beat writer Rhett Bollinger, L.A. manager Brad Ausmus didn't like how much water was on the field while Baldelli thought they could've played. 

"I can’t say I concurred, but it’s not always the easiest call in situations like this," Baldelli said, according to Bollinger. "We probably played a few games this year similar to what we would have been playing on in the outfield. Everyone can make their own call at that point.

"It was clear that it was not a clearly unplayable field and it was not a clearly, clearly playable field. There was some sort of gray area where we were sitting."

It's just the third rainout at Angels Stadium since 1995, according to Bollinger. 

Luckily, and also unluckily, both teams had an off day Thursday so they'll use the opportunity to make up the game at 3:07 p.m. That's unlucky for the Twins because they don't have another day off until June 3, meaning they'll go 22 days in a row without a break. 

According to the L.A. Times, Angels players weren't happy with the decision to postpone because they won't get another off day until June 12. 

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