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Bulls reporter believes Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving and a 3rd star will team up in 2019

Another insider thinks Butler will be teaming up with Irving.
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Another rumor is swirling about Timberwolves All-Star Jimmy Butler, and like all of the previous rumors, this one also suggests that Butler won't be in Minnesota beyond next season. 

Vincent Goodwill, a Bulls reporter for NBC Sports Chicago, hinted that an unidentified third NBA star could team up with Butler and Kyrie Irving next summer. Goodwill made the claim during the Bulls Talk Podcast with fellow NBC Sports reporter Mark Schanowski. 

Here's how the conversation developed. 

Schanowski: "The top guys have already been talking with their friends around the league. I'm sure Kawhi (Leonard) has already talked to LeBron (James) – their plan to reunite or get together in Los Angeles in 2019. Klay Thompson will be a free agent in 2019. Most likely he's gonna stay right where he is with that dynasty out with the Warriors. And then you look at Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler talking about getting together somewhere. That could be with the Knicks or Nets."

Goodwill: "There's a third guy that I can't mention, but yeah," later adding: "I can't tell you (who) but I can tell you it's a very accomplished NBA player. Very accomplished." 

The NBC Sports duo's speculation comes just weeks after Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Butler has no intention to sign a long-term deal with Minnesota, and that he is looking to team up with Irving, possibly in the Eastern Conference. 

Again, like every other speculative report, these need to be taken with a grain of salt. But where there is smoke there is often fire, and there's been a lot of smoke about Butler this offseason. 

That's why it might be best for the Wolves to trade Butler before the NBA trade deadline next February just to make sure they don't lose him for nothing. 

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