Case Keenum tells Denver fans how the Vikings pulled off the 'Minneapolis Miracle'

This is pretty cool to hear him explain it in detail.
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The "Minneapolis Miracle" is back in spotlight thanks to former Vikings quarterback Case Keenum explaining how he and the Vikings pulled off the game-winning play as time expired to beat the Saints in the playoffs in January. 

Keenum, who signed a two-year, $36 million deal with the Broncos after the season, explained the official name of the play: "Gun Buffalo Right Key Left 7 Heaven," then admitted that wanted to throw to Adam Thielen but he was covered up, so he just let it rip to Stefon Diggs down the sideline for what turned into one of the great moments in NFL history. 

CBS Denver filmed Keenum's entire review.  

"I tell you, I've been in some loud stadiums, but ... they went crazy," he said of Vikings fans. "I mean it was nuts. It was the loudest I've ever heard. I've been in Seattle, I've been in Kansas City, where they set the world record for loudest outdoor stadium, but it was loud. It was so loud."

Keenum joked that Minnesota winters pretty much limit Minnesotans to ice fishing and the Vikings. 

"They're crazy up there. It's so cold, they've got nothing going on."

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