Chicago announcer bothered by Eddie Rosario's 'pose' on non-home run

We've reviewed the play. Rosario didn't pose.

Overlooked in Wednesday night's game between the Twins and White Sox was the eighth-inning play that saw Eddie Rosario thrown out at third base as he tried to stretch a double into a triple. 

Rosario launched a ball to left-center field that hit off the top of the wall, with Sox center fielder Adam Engel firing a dart to third base in time to catch Rosario as he slid head-first into the base. 

But White Sox TV announcer Steve Stone thinks Rosario potentially cost the Twins the game because he didn't hustle out of the batter's box. 

"Eddie Rosario did not hustle out of the box and it’s a good thing for the Sox," Stone said during the broadcast. "He poses. If he's hustling, there's no play at third base."

Fair enough, and probably true except for the part about Rosario posing. Rosario certainly didn't hustle to first base and he watched the ball flight for a split second – and it likely cost him an easy triple – but Stone doesn't know a pose when he sees one.

This is a pose. 

This is a pose. 

This is a pose.  

This is a pose.

Stone claimed Rosario's been posing and failing to hustle the entire series. 

"He's been doing this the whole series," he said. "And apparently the Twins are fine with it. This could cost them a ballgame. In the grand scheme of things, it might not keep them out of the division title, but you’ve got to hustle out of the box whether you think it’s a home run or not. And that one was very costly."

Costly? Not really. The Twins lost the game but they're still going to win the division barring an unprecedented collapse, and they've got no shot to catch the Yankees or Astros for the best record in the American League so there's not a whole lot to discuss here. 

All in all, it doesn't matter. 

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