Chris Kluwe gets 'revenge' as Mike Priefer joins Browns coaching staff

Kluwe wasted no time after hearing the news.
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Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe didn't waste time to reveal his thoughts into the Twitterverse after catching word of Mike Priefer's exit from the Vikings. 

"The best revenge is living well," Kluwe typed in a tweet, a version of the quote attributed to 17th Century British poet George Herbert.

The timing of the tweet was the only thing suggesting it was aimed at Priefer, but doubts about his target were erased less than an hour later with a report that Priefer was headed to Ohio to become special teams coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. 

Kluwe tweeted a less subtle jab: "I lied the best revenge is watching someone join the Browns." 

Kluwe reportedly threatened to sue the Vikings after he was released in 2013, accusing Priefer of using anti-gay slurs towards him and arguing that he was released because of his outspoken support for gay marriage.

The Vikings and Kluwe reached a settlement that included the Vikings hosting the NFL's first large-scale event dedicated to the support of open inclusion of LGBTQ athletes in sports earlier this year. 

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 According to Pro Football Talk, part of the deal included the Vikings donating a "substantial" amount of money to LGBTQ-related causes.

Priefer was also suspended for three games during the 2014 season. 

The Vikings conducted an investigation into Kluwe's accusations and found that Kluwe was released for football reasons, while also confirming Priefer's anti-gay comments.

Kluwe has been out of the NFL since his release in 2013. 

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