Colin Cowherd thinks the Vikings will fall apart this season

Apparently he didn't look at the latest Super Bowl odds.
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Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd claims to be an NFL picks master, and he's confident that the Minnesota Vikings are going to "fall off a cliff" in 2018. 

Cowherd listed a bunch of reasons why he thinks the Vikes will go from 13-3 last season to something closer to 8-8 this season: "You can send me hate mail, but let me give you a couple reasons." 

Quick version of what Cowherd said: 

  • Have to face Aaron Rodgers twice. 
  • Play the Packers, Rams and Eagles the first five weeks of the season. 
  • Also have road games against the Patriots and Seahawks. 
  • Not to mention a game against the revenge-seeking Saints. 
  • All key defensive starters won't be healthy for all 16 games like they were last season. 
  • Lost offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. 
  • That means a new system and new audibles. 

"You essentially didn't face Aaron Rodgers last year. Now you're going to face him twice," Cowherd said." You played the dysfunctional AFC North out of conference, and the only good team out of that division, Pittsburgh, beat you. Your biggest win was called a 'miracle.'"

"Green Bay is going to win that division. They've got the better quarterback," he added. 

According to the latest Super Bowl odds from Sportsline, Cowherd is off his rocker. Minnesota has 10/1 odds to win the Super Bowl, which is tied with the Eagles, Steelers and Rams for the second-best odds to win it. Only the Patriots have better odds (6/1).

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