Cris Carter helping to provide meals during COVID-19 pandemic

Carter is helping support "Project Isaiah," which is helping feed families in need.
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Former Minnesota Vikings receiver Cris Carter is lending a hand during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to deliver meals to struggling families through the "Project Isaiah" organization.

Project Isaiah has delivered 1.7 million meals during the pandemic and has helped out 11 different communities across the country.

"This pandemic is a wicked event," Carter said, per Jarrett Bell of USA Today. "We just can't go through it and act as if we don't care. Everyone can have some type of impact."

Carter's impact has been not only supporting "Project Isaiah," an organization created by investment banker Michael Klein but also asking his fellow Hall of Famers to get involved. He also states that $100 to the project can help feed a family for a week.

The Hall of Famer also is inspired to help the organization through his own struggles living in a single-parent household in Ohio. Growing up with six siblings, Carter has those who are going through similar circumstances in mind.

"It touches me personally because I don't know what my family would have done 30, 40 years ago if there had been a pandemic," Carter said. "If I was a young kid sitting around all day and my mom couldn’t go to work and we couldn’t go to school, it would have been tough. I was going to school for at least two of my meals."

Carter's support for the project comes as an effort to create awareness and raise funds. Donations can be made at and with the charity being run by volunteers, all proceeds will go to the purpose of delivering the meals.

“People are looking for things they can do to get involved and help, while you can’t be mobile because of social distancing. I’d love to go down with Gate Gourmet and pass out meals. But for now, it’s a matter of raising awareness and raising resources.”

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