Deadspin's Drew Magary destroys Packers in annual 'Why Your Team Sucks' column

We didn't even include the really nasty stuff.
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Minnesota native Drew Magary has been roasting NFL teams for years with his annual "Why Your Team Sucks" series for Deadspin. It's always a special treat when Magary releases his version about the Green Bay Packers, and this year's is as delightful as ever for Vikings fans to digest. 

Magary uses a ridiculous amount of swear words in what's arguably the meanest piece of writing ever done on the State of Wisconsin. 

Make sure you read the entire thing, but for starters, in honor of No. 4, former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, here are four of Magary's meanest burns. 

1. Fat joke about head coach Mike McCarthy

"Yes, Mike McCarthy seized all the power—along with all the link sausages HEY NOW."

2. The truth about Aaron Rodgers?

"I think Rodgers f------ hates the Packers and wants to leave. He wants a new contract. He already privately groused about team management. Keep in mind this is a guy who excommunicated his entire f------ family when they mildly displeased him."

3. Mourning after Jordy Nelson was released

"I can’t even imagine what kind of extended mourning period these fans had for Jordy when he left. I picture a 450-pound man man sitting shiva in a ranch-style house, surrounded by loved ones and trays of bean dip, quietly dabbing away his tears as he watches grainy footage of Jordy on a VHS player because modern entertainment options haven’t arrived in that godforsaken icehole yet."

4. Bashing Randall Cobb, Clay Matthews

"Randall Cobb has sucked for three years and they refuse to do anything about it. Clay Matthews will be allowed to whiff on sacks for this team until he’s 80."

Note: Magary is an admitted Vikings fan, and we're fairly certain his pice on why the Vikings suck will be equally nasty. 

You can read all of his team reviews here

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