Fake Paws: News outlet mixes up Lindsey Vonn's X-ray with her dogs'

Those aren't human bones...
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Well, someone messed up.

The website of UK-based newspaper the Daily Mail featured a story on its Snapchat feed about the retirement of skiing legend and Minnesota native Lindsey Vonn.

Alongside a picture of Vonn, the Daily Mail featured images of what they apparently thought were X-rays of Vonn's injuries.

Turns out, what the website actually used were X-rays of her dogs Leo and Lucy. Woof.

The error was pointed out by Twitter user @DeAnna_iguana, with Vonn herself confirming that the X-rays were indeed of her faithful pets.

It has since been deleted from the Daily Mail's feed.

In a piece last year by CNN, Vonn said her dogs helped battle with her depression, and she brought Lucy along to the Pyeongchang Olympics last year so she'd feel less lonely.

They even have an Instagram account that has over 37,000 followers.

Vonn, who learned to ski at Buck Hill in Burnsville, announced she's retiring from competitive racing after the World Championships in Sweden next week.

She cited that her body is "broken beyond repair," having undergone multiple knee surgeries.

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