Fans aren't being Minnesota Nice to Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins

Cousins opened the door to some vitriol.
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Twitter trolling is a form of art and Vikings fans have been putting overtime on Kirk Cousins' account this week, lashing out at the quarterback with vitriol in response to Cousins offering to give something away. 

Cousins tweeted: The season feels so far away, so I want to do a giveaway to keep all you Vikings fans excited! What do you want me to giveaway?" He then offered the options of a jersey, a football or a mini helmet.

Lesson be learned: quarterbacks should never use the word "giveaway" in an online forum after leading the NFL in fumbles and failing to make the playoffs after signing an $86 million guaranteed contract. 

Had he simply asked what fans wanted him to sign, he could've spared himself the never-ending list of sarcastic responses. 

- "Giveaway anything but the ball"

- "How about a win against a team with a winning record"

- "You had enough giveaways during the season, we don’t need anymore"

- "Just bring a god damn Championship to Minny."

- "You couldn’t come up with something better than a $100 jersey, $30 football or a $15 mini helmet? How about pre season tickets? Or run out on the field with the team for the first game? Or picture with the Vikings cheerleaders? And you wonder why we all think so little of you!"

- "3rd and 7.......throw it for 8 yards, not 6!"

- "You can give us a little more courage under pressure."

- "Half of your guaranteed contract so the team can sign a quality tackle to protect you"

- "Give yourself away to another team!"

- "How about a playoff birth and not losing to the Bills and Bears 2nd string? I missed that option on your poll"


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