Farmington's coronavirus advice campaign is all too real for Minnesota sports fans

Way to make it more depressing.
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The City of Farmington is hoping that decades of crushing sporting disappointment will be enough to convince its residents to wash their hands to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The city published a memorable PSA on its social media pages on Thursday, urging Minnesotans to "Wash your hands like you're scrubbing away the disappointment of Minnesota sports."


Thoroughly washing your hands is believed to be the most effective way to ward against contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus, which is making its way around the globe as we speak.

A decent handwashing should take at least 20 seconds, so use these memories as your mantra while at the sink.

*Wild losing 3 postseason series in a row to the Blackhawks* – scrubs.

*Blair Walsh misses crucial field goal against the Seahawks* – scrubs harder.

*The Twins' 16-game postseason losing streak* – scrubs using sandpaper.

*Gary Anderson wide left* – dives into vat of Purell.

*The Timberwolves* – douses self in acid, sets house on fire.

In all seriousness, you should keep abreast of the situation in Minnesota, even though we've had no confirmed cases of the virus at the time of writing.

You can find the Minnesota Department of Health's guide for preparing for the virus here.

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