Feud between Karl-Anthony Towns, Joel Embiid gets nasty on social media

The star big men fought during the game and then got even nastier on social media.
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After a wild fight on the court during the Wolves and 76ers game Wednesday night, things got even nastier on social media between Karl-Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid.

[Warning: This story contains offensive language]

Post-fight social media sparring started out tame enough when Embiid made references to the famous Jimmy Butler practice in Minnesota, Towns' mom giving him middle fingers, and owning real estate in Towns' head

As ex-Wolf Cole Aldrich put it, Towns' parents were in the stands "reprimanding" Embiid as he exited the court after being ejected. 

Towns fired back on Instagram saying "I aIN’t nO B---H RaiSeD ARoUnD LiOnS." 

His Instagram post included photos from the fight and a screen shot of Embiid crying after a playoff loss last season. 

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Embiid responded on a new level by calling Towns a "p---y" and saying that's "why you were treated like a b---h by you know who," an obvious reference to Butler's time in Minnesota. 

Embiid said his initial response to Towns was either deleted or hidden on Instagram, but he preserved it with a screen shot and posted it to this 1.7 million Twitter followers. 

"I ain't gonna put your business out but [SIC] I got the facts about you," Embiid wrote. "Don't get it twisted I OWN YOU." 

Round two of Towns vs. Embiid will have to wait until the Wolves and 76ers meet again March 24. 

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