Greg Jennings explains how Aaron Rodgers 'messed' him up, 'disturbed' him

This makes Rodgers sound like a pretty rude dude.
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Former Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings is still bothered by an encounter he had with Aaron Rodgers during his final season in Green Bay in 2012. 

Appearing on "The Herd" with Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd, Jennings told a story that he'd never told in public before, and it doesn't make Rodgers sound like a very friendly person. 

Setting the scene, it was the season opener and Jennings wasn't getting many passes thrown his way. It prompted 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers to ask Jennings why he wasn't very involved in the game plan. Jennings simply responded: "You know how it goes." 

That's when Rodgers, who was listening in on their conversation, chimed in. 

"You guys should get him after this year," Rodgers told the 49ers player, according to Jennings, who was fresh off his second consecutive Pro Bowl season in 2011. 

"I'm like, what?!" said Jennings, recalling his emotions from that moment. "This is the first game of the season and my guy is already like .... pass me along." 

Jennings said he "couldn't get over" that a teammate he'd brought into his home and introduced to his wife and kids would treat him like that in front of another team. 

"It messed me up. That disturbed me." 

Jennings signed with Minnesota in 2013 and played two seasons in the better state with the better football team, catching 127 passes for more than 1,500 yards and 10 touchdowns in his two seasons. 

During his first season with the Vikings, Jennings called out Rodgers for lacking leadership skills, telling Sports Illustrated that Rodgers is "a guy who creates that spotlight for himself." 

His words were similar former Packers receiver Donald Driver's, who after leaving Green Bay went on record saying Rodgers had no problem making his receivers look bad when something went wrong on the field. 

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