Hackers target Vikings, numerous other NFL teams' social media accounts

The hackers targeted numerous NFL teams' social media accounts.
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The Instagram account for the Minnesota Vikings was hacked Monday, as were the Instagram and Twitter accounts for approximately half the teams in the NFL. 

The hacking was carried out by a group called OurMine, with all affected teams posting messages from OurMine along with the organization's logo. Here's a view of Minnesota's Instagram account. 

The message associated with each social media post appears to be the same across the board: 

"Hi, we're back (OurMine). We are here to Show people that everything is hackable," the group says.

The message goes on to recommend users to contact OurMine to improve their account security, which seems like a tremendously bad idea for anyone to do as it could expose each individual user to the hackers. 

The OurMine Twitter account has been suspended, but before Twitter dropped the hammer the group claimed credit for taking over the Twitter accounts of the Cowboys, Bills, Texans, Vikings, Chiefs, Packers and Bears, among others, according to Sporting News

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