Here are the first 25 theme nights at Target Field for the 2019 Twins season

If you want a hat, you'll have plenty of chances.
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The Minnesota Twins have unveiled the 25 theme nights at Target Field for hte upcoming baseball season, and it appears that they've maxed out a partnership with whatever company is making all of the hats they're giving away. 

Sure, there's Star Wars Night and Zubazpalooza, but most of the 25 nights are honoring local colleges with co-branded baseball cap giveaways.  

All of these giveaways are for fans who buy tickets via these special packages the Twins are offering. You can also see pictures of the hats and other giveaways at that link. 

April 12: Game of Thrones Night

Fans will get a Game of Thrones flag and be able to take photos in a giant throne. 

April 13: Class of 2019 Day

Students who are graduating this spring will get a Class of 2019 Twins t-shirt. 

May 1: Minnesota United Night

Fans get a co-branded hat with the Twins and United logos on it. 

May 10: University of Minnesota Night

Fans get a co-branded hat with the Twins and Gophers logos on it. 

May 13: Scrubs Night

Fans receive a Twins-themed scrubs top. 

May 14: SKOL Night

Receive a co-branded Twins/Vikings winter hat. 

June 11: NDSU Night

Fans receive a co-branded Twins and NDSU Bison baseball cap. 

June 17: Gustavus Night

Fans get a, you guessed it, co-branded Twins and Gustavus hat. 

June 25: St. Thomas Night

Yep, another hat. This one has the Twins and St. Thomas logos on it. 

June 26: Star Wars Night

In the spirit of outfielder Max Kepler, the Twins will give fans Obi-Wan Kepleroni bobbleheads. 

June 27: Mustang Day

Fans will receive a bobblehead of Twins mascot T.C. Bear riding in a Mustang. 

July 18: University of North Dakota Night

If you buy this ticket package, you'll get a hat with the Twins and ND logos on it. 

July 21: Bike Rodeo at Target Field

Fans will receive a bike jersey with the Twins logo on it. 

July 22: CSB/SJU Night

You'll get a red hat with the Twins logo on the front and Saint Benedict and Saint John's logos on the side. 

July 23: Pride Night

Fans will get a Twins-themed Pride hat. 

August 6: MSU-Mankato Night

A hat. They're giving away tons of hats. This one has the Twins and MSU-Mankato logos on it. 

August 8: SDSU Night

Another hat. This one co-branded with Twins and South Dakota State University logos. 

September 10: Minnesota Wild Night

You'll get a hat with the Wild and Twins logos on it. It's a green hat. 

September 19: Love Your Melon Night

Fans will get a Love Your Melon Twins beanie. 

September 20: Zubazpalooza

You'll get a pair of Twins Zubaz pants. 

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