How the NY Post has hammered the Twins in headlines since '03

It's funny but it hurts.
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New York tabloids began turning on the Twins nearly two decades ago, back when the Yankees first registered Minnesota's boys of summer as their personal punching bag. 

The Yankees beat the Twins in four games in 2003, four games in 2004, and have since swept them out of the playoffs in 2009, 2010 and 2019, not to mention dwarfing them in the one-game Wild Card in 2017. 

Add 'em up and that's 16 wins for the Yankees and two for the Twins, who have lost an MLB record 16 straight postseason games dating back to Oct. 6, 2004, a Game 1 win over New York in the American League Divisional Series. 

The tabloids haven't shown any mercy to Minnesota, namely the New York Post. which has again turned a Twins failure into headline mania. On the front of Tuesday's tabloid it reads "LEGION OF BROOM," with "TWIN THERE DONE THAT" on the back cover. 

At this point, the Post has to be running out of headline ideas when it comes to the Yankees spanking the Twins. But give them credit, they've been coming up with catchy headlines about Minnesota misery going all the way back to 2003. 

You can look at any New York Post cover in its archive here, but for now, please sob accordingly as you look back at some of their Twin killings over the years. 

Note: There doesn't appear to be any headlines in the 2010 archive, but we're sure they were just as funny/mean. 

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