If losing to the Yankees wasn't bad enough, we also had to listen to Bob Costas

His commentary worsened an already crappy night.

Twins fans have endured enough playoffs crap with the Yankees over the years as it is without having to suffer their first divisional series game since 2010 listening to a New York homer on commentary.

It may sound like sour grapes given Game 1 didn't go the Twins' way – heck, it's absolutely sour grapes – but that doesn't mean we and many other Twins fans aren't justified ripping Bob Costas for his game calling Friday night.

It started as early as the 2nd at-bat, when Jorge Polanco smoked a pitch into the left-field bleachers.

But, according to a thoroughly underwhelmed Costas, he hit it "off-the-fists," before crediting the homer to the weather and "this year's ball."

And then there's Nelson Cruz's home run, you can almost here his heart breaking as the ball makes it into the stands.

Home runs are meant to be exciting moments, Bob, for crying out loud.

He had a similarly downhearted reaction to Miguel Sano's blast, only showing some brief excitement as it looked like his man, Aaron Judge, was about to snag it.

Contrast it with Brett Gardner's homer, when Costas builds to an orgasmic crescendo, before pronouncing it "gone" as if drawing on a post-coital cigarette.

The homer was "almost on cue," Costas says, unlike the Twins' bombs which were an apparent affront to decency.

Costas – a native of, you guessed it, Queens – was also partnered by John Smoltz, who surely has nothing but fond memories of the Twins, such as losing Game 7 in the '91 World Series against Jack Morris.

Needless to say, the partisan commentary didn't go unnoticed by Twins fans, with "Bob Costas" in fact trending second on Twitter in Minneapolis at one point.

Yes we know the Twins lost and we're bad losers, but fans have been waiting a long time for this moment, it'd be nice if the announcers could treat them with the respect their 101-win season deserves.

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