In one Seattle newsroom, the Vikings beat the 49ers

This is the kind of alternate reality Vikings fans crave.
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If you missed Saturday's game and only learned of the result from Q13 Fox News in Seattle, you could be walking around today in the firm belief that the Vikings are in the NFC Championship game.

What one can only assume was a series of cataclysmic editorial errors led the Seattle TV station to report that the Vikings triumphed 27-10 over the 49ers in San Francisco.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Unfortunately, reality bites.

The chyron reads "Vikings win could mean Seattle NFC Championship," while the anchor confidently describes the Vikings' victory despite all of the footage showing the 'Niners scoring touchdowns.

Had the Vikings won, then yes, the NFC Championship would have been held in Seattle, had the Seahawks beaten the Packers ... which they didn't.

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