Is Mike Mularkey an option to replace Kevin Stefanski as Vikings offensive coordinator?

We took a look at Mularkey's track record as a play-caller in the NFL.
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Reports now indicate that Mularkey has been hired as tight ends coach for the Atlanta Falcons. 

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Now that the Packers have hired a new head coach, the rest of the coaching vacancies could start to fall like dominoes, one of them being the offensive coordinator job with the Vikings. 

Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson reports that interim offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski, whose contract is now expired, is unlikely to return to Minnesota, leaving the job up for grabs. 

The Star Tribune's Ben Goessling cites sources who say Stefanski returning isn't out of the question, but he'll have plenty of opportunities elsewhere if he chooses to leave. 

Two names to watch, Robinson says, are Mike Mularkey and Dirk Koetter, although it's since been reported that the Atlanta Falcons have offered Koetter its offensive coordinator position and Koetter's Wikipedia page already says he's their guy. 

Koetter was recently fired after three years as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has a history with quarterback Matt Ryan and Atlanta, leading them as a top-10 offense from 2012-14. 

Mularkey played tight end for the Vikings from 1983-88 and has multiple stints as a head coach and offensive coordinator on his resume, including OC jobs with the Steelers (2001-03), Dolphins (2006) and Falcons (2008-11), and head coaching years with the Bills (2004-05), Jaguars (2012) and Titans (2016-17). 

How'd his offenses rate? Mostly middle-of-the-road outside of his first two seasons calling plays with the Steelers more than 15 years ago. 

  • 2001 Steelers: 3rd overall, 21st passing, 1st rushing, 22.0 PPG
  • 2002 Steelers: 5th overall, 7th passing, 9th rushing, 24.4 PPG
  • 2003 Steelers: 22nd overall, 14th passing, 31st rushing, 18.8 PPG
  • 2004 Bills: 25th overall, 27th passing, 13th rushing, 24.7 PPG
  • 2005 Bills: 28th overall, 29th passing, 20th rushing, 16.9 PPG
  • 2006 Dolphins: 20th overall, 13th passing, 22nd rushing, 16.3 PPG
  • 2008 Falcons: 6th overall, 14th passing, 2nd rushing, 24.4 PPG
  • 2009 Falcons: 15th overall, 14th passing, 15th rushing, 22.7 PPG
  • 2010 Falcons: 16th overall, 15th passing, 12th rushing, 25.9 PPG
  • 2011 Falcons: 10th overall, 8th passing, 17th rushing, 25.1 PPG
  • 2012 Jaguars: 29th overall, 21st passing, 30th rushing, 15.9 PPG
  • 2016 Titans: 11th overall, 25th passing, 3rd rushing, 23.8 PPG
  • 2017 Titans: 23rd overall, 23rd passing, 15th rushing, 20.9 PPG

Mularkey's offenses have produced a top-10 passing offense just twice in his years as an offensive coordinator or head coach, and a top-10 rushing offense four times. 

There are other offensive coaches available, but none have been linked directly to the Vikings that we're aware of. 

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