James from AAA was the first person Kirk Cousins told after he signed with the Vikings

Somehow, we're not surprised.
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The first person Kirk Cousins told after he signed with the Vikings in March was an auto specialist from the American Automobile Association, better known as AAA. 

Cousins tried calling his wife but she didn't answer, nor did his mother, sister and former coach Mike Shanahan. 

"Nobody wants to pick up. Everybody's busy, they got their own lives to live," says Cousins in an NFL Originals feature that documented his days leading up to signing a fully guaranteed, $84 million deal with the Vikings on March 14. 

So who did Cousins call after failing to connect on his first four attempts?

James, his auto guy from AAA. 

"I'm going to call him. How could you not? He told me to quote on quote 'go get that money,'" Cousins said with a laugh, thinking back to a previous conversation he'd had with James when he was trying to get an international driver's license. 

"James, this is Kirk Cousins calling how are you? I wanted to call you and tell you I did sign my contract today as you instructed me to."

Laughing, James responds: "Who did you sign with, sir?"

"We signed with the Vikings, we got a favorable deal," Cousins said. "I think both sides are happy with it." 

The Facebook episode is really interesting. Cousins revealed a number of cool details, including the fact that he and his agent used a $30 million offer from the Jets to get the Vikings to increase their offer from $25 million to $28 million annually. 

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