Jessie Diggins says angry driver nearly killed her while training in her Minnesota hometown

She was roller skiing in Afton when she encountered a bully in an SUV.
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Minnesota's gold medal-winning Olympic skier says she was nearly run over by an angry driver during a recent training session in her hometown of Afton, Minnesota.

In her blog, Jessie Diggins wrote that she was roller skiing on Sunday with a friend when a car buzzed them on the side of the road.

They heard the car coming so they moved into a single-file formation – a standard safety procedure – when the car "buzzed us so close that I was rocked sideways from the wind." 

It got scarier from there. 

"He slowed to a stop, then when we tried to ski by him, he kept driving on the right side of the road so that we were forced to the middle of the road. When we sped up, he sped up. When we slowed down, he came to a stop, blocking us from getting back to the side of the road. I knocked on the window a few times shouting that he was going to get us killed, and he flipped me the finger and turned the music up."

Diggins called it "the most incredible display of aggressive bullying" she's ever seen, noting that had he "been 6 inches closer to us, we would be in the hospital or dead."  

Her friend pulled out her phone to get a photo of the man's license plate, but as soon as she tried the angry motorist sped away. Diggins, though, wrote the license number in the dirt and called police. 

The officer contacted the driver and gave him a warning, notifying him that it's illegal in Minnesota to pass a cyclist without giving them three feet of space. 

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"The officer assured me that the man had apologized, and I appreciated that the police took my call seriously," Diggins said. 

Diggins says it's a good reminder for everyone who participates in roadway sports or activities to be mindful of vehicles and make sure to travel in single file. 

Diggins won the gold medal in cross-country skiing at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. 

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