Jimmy Butler apparently no longer dealing with general soreness

He's played in an NBA record five straight games.
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After so much positivity on Thanksgiving, it's time to get back to reality and talk about the things that drive us nuts. 

Speaking of, how is Jimmy Butler doing these days? 

We checked, and it turns out that the severe ailment – general soreness – that kept him out of multiple games earlier this season when he played for the Wolves, has yet to inflict its debilitating effects on Butler in Philadelphia. 

That's right, Butler has played in a Cal Ripken-like five consecutive games. We'll check to see if that's an NBA record.

Butler overcoming general soreness is actually less stunning than it is insulting, and if the Wolves miss the playoffs by a game or two this season they can point to the third game of the season when Butler didn't play because he needed to rest, and the 10th game of the season when Butler was too sore after a full day off to play. 

Those games were losses to the Mavericks and Blazers.

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Fortunately, the third game (of the 13 the Wolves played before trading him to Philly) he missed because he needed "precautionary rest" resulted in a victory over the Jazz.

We'll keep an eye on Butler the rest of the season, but it'll be shocking if general soreness keeps him out of a game with his new team any time soon.

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