Kirk Cousins is bragging about his van again

He's a national treasure.
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The guy in the big van with tinted windows driving through Rosemount isn't a weirdo trying to sell your kids ice cream, it's Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. 

Cousins makings millions of dollars every year as a professional quarterback and then lives modestly, driving around in an old conversion van. 

Instead of getting something cool like a Bentley, Cousins likes to ride around in his grey 2000 GMC Savannah – a relic that he was bragging about again on Sunday. 

"People like to give me a hard time, but it still runs well," he said. 

In all seriousness, Cousins really seems to love the van. He bought it from his grandmother for $5,000, so it's got quite a bit of sentimental value to him. 

Cousins is a national treasure. 

Just a couple of weeks ago he had some fun with Rosemount High School, saying he's not sure he'll allow his kid (a toddler right now) to play football there because the school's helmet looks like Michigan's, and he's a Michigan State guy. 

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