Kirk Cousins is literally counting down the days left in his life

It's morbid and beautiful at the same time.
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Kirk Cousins, the inimitable one, has once again found a way to amaze us all. 

Knowing that his days are numbered (as are all of ours), the new quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings counts down the remains of his life using stones in a glass jar that he keeps outside his home in the southern suburbs of the Twin Cities. 

"This now sits on my front porch. 720 stones. If I live to be 90, there’s 1 for every month left," Cousins said in his Instagram post. "I’ll take 1 out as each month passes. Great reminder for me to live a life of meaning and impact!"

First off, if you're close to 90 already, you might not want to buy a glass case as large as the one Cousins has. Nor will you need so many rocks. 

And I'm pretty sure Cousins won't be reaching down into that thing when he's at a back-achey 85.

Cousins turns 30 in August, so his 720 stones (60 years worth) will get him to exactly 90 years old. 

We're going to have to start keeping track of all the quirks that make Cousins so likable. Among them: 

Cousins is such a good dude that we wrote a story about him pointing out the fact (yes, it's an actual fact, in our opinion) that his account is the most wholesome thing on Twitter. 

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