Kirk Cousins outs Garrett Bradbury's sweating butt, claims it can be tough to grip the ball

You can't make this stuff up.
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Kirk Cousins

The Vikings face the Saints in New Orleans to open the preseason schedule Friday night, and if there's one thing worth watching it'll be the close, sweaty contact made between Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and starting center Garrett Bradbury. 

Cousins literally said Bradbury's entire body "looks like a window after a rain storm" because he's sweating so much, and even though he was laughing while talking about Bradbury's profuse sweating, he seemed halfway serious when he said it makes it tough to grip the ball. 

“He promises that it’s not a problem in games, and it remains to be seen because his shorts today were soaked," said Cousins after Wednesday's practice. 

We've all been there. Butt sweat, or as some call it, swass, is no joke – especially on a black leather chair where the moisture can be seen after standing up. 

“That’s a big thing I’m gonna take away from Friday night, is how tough was it to grip the ball after he snaps it to me,” Cousins added. 

Yes, this is hilarious. But if Bradbury's posterior sweating is a problem when he's in full uniform, then Cousins has the right to worry because he's already one of the NFL's fumbling kings, as he dropped nine football last year and lost four of them. 

Bradbury was Minnesota's first-round draft pick and is supposed to be super good. Let's just hope that he's got plenty of Gold Bond powder on game days. 

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