Kirk Cousins takes an inadvertent shot at Minnesota, fans react...

Kirk's not had the best of luck on social media recently.
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Kirk Cousins had an up-and-down first year with the Minnesota Vikings, and it's led to a few grumbles among fans.

It's probably not going to help then that the $84 million quarterback has taken what some are saying is a backhanded shot at the Minnesota weather.

Here's the tweet in question, which on the face of it seems an innocent enough tweet about how nice Miami is, and how he can see why LeBron James left Cleveland for it.

But it's the unspoken implication of what he's saying that many have picked up on, with many taking it to be a shot at Minnesota – and particularly its weather.

Unsurprisingly his tweet garnered hundreds of indignant responses, most of which are arguably a little unfair as Minnesotans complain about the winter all the time (nobody enjoys -50, no matter how much they claim otherwise).

And it's clear too that rather than being unhappy at a slight at their home state, some of the responses are from fans less-than-impressed with Cousins' first year in Minnesota.

At the same time, there were a number of responses from people who decided not to read too much into it, and figured that maybe Miami is just a nice place to spend some time in February...

Kirk, you've got to learn, if you're a famous person living in Minnesota, you can't talk publicly about leaving it. The correct way is to secretly pack up your belongings, cross the border in the dead of night and not say anything until AFTER you've left. Even then, it's probably best to pretend that you live in Minnesota for the rest of your life.

At any rate, Cousins took the responses with a good nature, posting this after seeing the reaction he got.

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