Kirk Cousins trying to trademark catchphrase 'You Vike that!'

It's a play on the "You like that!" phrase he made famous in Washington.
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Among the many things Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is known for is a three-word catchphrase that become popular when he screamed it at reporters after leading his former team, the Washington Redskins to a win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

"You like that!" Cousins screamed, with his statement quickly going viral. 

Now Cousins is apparently looking to cash in on the phrase's fame with a slight adjustment, turning "You like that!" into "You Vike that!" 

Sportsnaut tweeted what appears to be legal documentation of his attempt to trademark "You Vike that!" Cousins is listed as the defendant, with the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings named as potential opposers (should they raise any objections).

We can't blame the guy for taking advantage of an easy opportunity like this one, but we'd still rather have Mike Zimmer's "Tweet that" t-shirts

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