Kirk Cousins was in Super Bowl commercial with a fake Donald Trump before signing with the Vikings

This commercial aired during last year's Super Bowl.
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This is old news to people in the Washington, D.C. area, but we're guessing there are very few Vikings fans who have seen the Super Bowl commercial Kirk Cousins was in last year. 

Thanks to some dumb luck and messing around on YouTube, we discovered this Cypress Air Heating, Cooling and Fireplaces ad that aired in select markets during last year's Super Bowl, and it features Cousins and a fake President Donald Trump

The commercial even takes a funny jab at "sneaky Alex," an obviously reference to the fact that the Redskins made a trade with the Chiefs to bring in quarterback Alex Smith, effectively ushering Cousins into free agency where he would eventually sign with the Vikings. 

Anyway, it's been a fairly slow news day and as far as we can tell no other Minnesota media outlet picked up on this last year – and we certainly never saw it – so we figured we'd share it with you now. Better late than never! 

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