Kurt Warner thinks the Minnesota Vikings are going to the Super Bowl

The celebrated quarterback thinks they have the most talented team.
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Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner is among those high on the Minnesota Vikings ahead of the new NFL season.

Warner, a Super Bowl winner and MVP with the St. Louis Rams in 1999, was asked about his picks for the Super Bowl during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show Thursday morning.

While reluctant to make a pick, when pushed Warner said: "I'm probably going to pick Minnesota to get there for sure."

The Vikings, he says, are the "most talented team top to bottom" in the league.

"I like what they've done at quarterback," he adds, though says he'll wait to see of Kirk Cousins can produce the goods when it matters.

There's no doubt that the Vikings have bags of talent, especially in defense, though we're not quite sure what Warner's views are on the offensive line, which is still looking banged up just over a week from kickoff.

Maybe he didn't consider either the Vikings' tough schedule, which will make it difficult for them to repeat their 13-3 heroics last year.

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As for the Vikings' potential rivals for the NFC Championship, there was no mention of the Packers from Warner, instead he expects the Atlanta Falcons to be sneaky good this year.

The AFC is harder to call, he says, and while he sticks with the safe bet of the Patriots, he admits he's not too sure about them this year, saying Jacksonville or the LA Chargers could run them close.

Here's the segment:

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