Kyle Gibson comes to defense of Twins fan hit by mini donut

Let's just hope that mini donut didn't go to waste.
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Joseph Kerber

More than 140,000 fans packed Target Field during the four-game series between the Twins and Indians Thursday-Sunday, and it appears that one of them targeted a hopeful fan sitting near the dugout in the ninth inning of Sunday's game. 

With the Twins trailing 3-2, Joseph Kerber was sitting in the first row behind Minnesota's dugout, standing and cheering moments before Marwin Gonzalez would deliver the game-tying RBI double. 

Then, a donut – a mini donut to be exact – drilled Kerber. 

Not only was it a waste of one of the world's most delicious foods, it was a clear signal that the unidentified suspect didn't like Kerber's vociferous support during one of the biggest moments of the season. 

"This donut was thrown at me for standing to cheer on Marwin during his at bat in the 9th," tweeted Kerber, showing himself holding the delicious round ball of dough that pegged him. "I’m in the first row behind the Twins dugout. We have the worst fans in baseball."

His tweet got more than a mini amount of attention and was seen by Twins pitcher Kyle Gibson.

"All of the players in the dugout saw you and we appreciate you standing & cheering loud in the 9th!!" Gibson tweeted in response to Kerber. "I will follow you so you can DM me if you ever want tickets and BP passes to come to a game!! Thanks for the support!"

The surprise response from Gibson prompted Kerber to acknowledge that not all Twins fans are bad, which is true. But let's be honest: Anyone who weaponizes a 54-calorie treat to attack an unsuspecting fan probably is the worst. 

"Don’t feel dumb," said Gibson. "No one deserves to have stuff thrown at them for cheering for their team, whether they are at home OR on the road! A yankee fan threw stuff at my wife at the 2017 playoff game. She was carrying our 10 month old son.....standing & cheering at the right time is (thumbs-up emoji)!"

A bag of mini donuts cost $6 and can be found in sections 134 and 323 at Target Field. 

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