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LeBron James loves the Prince-themed Wolves uniforms

The King wants one of the Prince jerseys.
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All LeBron James has to do to get something he wants is tweet about it.

Case in point, LeBron tweeted how much he likes the new Prince-themed Wolves uniforms, saying he needs one with Derrick Rose's name on the back of it "#ASAP." 

No problem, LeBron. The Wolves got you. 

You see, that's what's wrong with the Wolves. Instead of telling LeBron he can have a jersey when he signs a contract to play for us, the Wolves just gave in and probably FedEx'd him one in the mail with overnight delivery.

Maybe I should be team president? I'd drive just as hard of a bargain with LeBron and his Prince jersey as Tom Thibodeau is with teams trying to trade for Jimmy Butler. 

Anyway, the Wolves will debut the Prince-themed uniforms against the Portland Trailblazers on Friday, Nov. 16. 

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