Logan Morrison's bad season ends with injury

Eight players have hit 60+ homers in a season. Logan Morrison had 59 hits this season.
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Logan Morrison

The Twins announced following Saturday's 4-3 win over the Tigers that Logan Morrison will undergo hip surgery and miss the rest of the season. 

It's the end of what's been an extremely disappointing season for Morrison, who signed with the Twins as a free agent midway through Spring Training. 

After hitting 38 homers with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2017, Morrison finishes his first – and in all likelihood his last – season in Minnesota with a .186 batting average, 15 homers and 39 RBI in 95 games. 

It's by far his worst season since making his MLB debut with the Marlins in 2010, and as Aaron Gleeman notes, it's the lowest batting average in Twins history for a player with at least 300 at-bats in a season. 

And not to pile on or anything, but it's hard to argue that the biggest highlight of Morrison's season was when he went on Instagram and complained about playing in cold weather. 

"New rule. You build a stadium, it has to come with a roof," Morrison said during a snowy day on April 6. "This is fun for no one, including fans. It’s 2018, people want to be comfortable while watching and playing games." 

We leave you with this fun fact: MLB players have hit 60+ homers in a single season eight times. Logan Morrison had 59 hits this season. Do with that what you wish. 

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