Lynx face Indiana team exhausted after WNBA travel debacle

Wow. That's one heckuva a trip for a professional team.
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WNBA teams don't travel on chartered flights like their NBA counterparts do, and that makes for one heckuva travel nightmare for the Indiana Fever as they prepare to host the Minnesota Lynx on Tuesday night. 

After playing Sunday in Seattle, the Fever were scheduled to fly back to Indiana via a connecting flight in Atlanta. Players and staff boarded the plane for 10:30 p.m. PT takeoff, but the flight was delayed because the flight crew hadn't arrived. 

They boarded a new plane only to be sent back to the terminal because of a mechanical issue. Little did they know that their troubles were just getting started. 

They wound up flying out of Seattle to Atlanta later than expected, which led to the next nightmare: They missed their connecting flight to Indianapolis. 

What does an entire team do when no other flights can accommodate them? 

They get a bus and ride it about eight hours, but not without some more issues: They had to switch drivers halfway through because the original driver reached an hours limit and a mechanical issue. 

Natalie Achonwa of the Fever documented each issue during the 22-hour trip. 

According to ESPN, league officials plan to discuss the inclusion of chartered flights for all WNBA teams during an upcoming collective bargaining agreement. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in December that "the cost is prohibitive to making that a realistic possibility right now." 

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