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Marwin Gonzalez apologizes for Astros' 2017 cheating scandal

Gonzalez was a key player for the 2017 world champion Astros.
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Marwin Gonzalez

Twins super utility man Marwin Gonzalez was part of the 2017 World Series-winning Houston Astros who were found to have cheated through an elaborate sign-stealing scheme, and on Tuesday he became the first player from that team to publicly apologize. 

At Twins spring training in Fort Myers, Florida, Gonzalez said he's "remorseful."

"I wish I could take it back and do it a different way, but there’s nothing we can do," Gonzalez said, via ESPN, later adding that it's "hard to measure" if the Astros would've won the World Series without cheating. 

Gonzalez now has the support of his manager in Minnesota, Rocco Baldelli, who said they'll "help him in every possible way," according to's Do-Hyoung Park. 

Gonzalez put up more impressive numbers on the road in 2017 than he did at home, which raises some questions considering the trash can-banging scheme used to tip pitches wasn't in place on the road, according to Major League Baseball's investigation.

  • Home 2017: .282/.339/.543, 15 HR, 16 2B, 20 BB, 61 SO, 234 AB
  • Road 2017: .326/.416/.516, 8 HR, 8 2B, 29 BB, 38 SO, 221 AB

In theory, every time the Astros banged on a trash can, Gonzalez, assuming he heard the bang, knew a fastball was coming. Vice versa, when he didn't hear a bang, he would be aware that an off-speed pitch, like a slider or curveball, was about to be delivered. 

Gonzalez battled injuries and hit .264 with 15 homers and 64 RBI last season, his first with the Twins. 

Twins pitchers and catchers begin spring training workouts Wednesday, with position players officially taking the field next week. 

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