Meetings at SCSU amid rumors about future of football program

The men's Huskies team almost folded in 2010.
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Meetings are being held at St. Cloud State University on Tuesday afternoon, with the future of its football program believed to be under question.

BMTN understands that the cutting of the Huskies Men's team is being considered by the university, the second time in a decade that it's been at risk of folding.

When BMTN asked whether the football program was likely to be cut, an SCSU spokesman said he couldn't make any comments right now, saying that there are "meetings going on this afternoon."

Any announcements relating to the outcome of those meetings would be made later on Tuesday, he added.

The SCSU Football Twitter account has been suspended as of Tuesday, though its Facebook page is still operational.

The subject of SCSU's future has been the subject of some speculation on social media.

David Brown of Midco Sports reported that multiple sources have indicated that SCSU is dropping his football program.

The program almost folded in 2010 after a deficit of more than $550,000 was run up, but it managed to survive the cut because of a student fee increase of $1.74 per class credit.

In 2016, the university eliminated six intercollegiate programs and also imposed roster reductions in other sports, including football, as reported by the St. Cloud Times.

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