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Mike Zimmer has lost 16 pounds because of stress, coach's daughter says

Corri Zimmer called out internet trolls who ridicule Mike Zimmer.
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Being scrutinized constantly comes with the territory of being in the NFL, but Mike Zimmer's daughter is tired of seeing people ridicule him with mean and nasty comments. 

Corri Zimmer posted to Instagram saying Zimmer puts heart and soul into coaching the Vikings, working "his a-- off to find a way to WIN for all these so called 'fans' that tear him apart." 

She says fans were especially nasty after Minnesota's Monday night loss to the Seahawks, alleging that people made fun of Zimmer's appearance while noting that stress from the job has caused him to lose 16 pounds this season. 

"If you don’t appreciate and can’t recognize everything he’s done for this team then you are no fan," she added. "These people get behind their keyboards and write heartless comments and i know for a fact that they have never worked as hard as he has ONE day in their life."

Tuesday was a particularly hard day for Zimmer as he made the tough decision to fire offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, doing so out of fear of the season going to waste.

Minnesota reached the NFC Championship Game last season and expectations were high with what appeared to be an even better roster in place for this season. But that hasn't resulted in wins, and with just three weeks left in the regular season the Vikings are 6-6-1 and trying to inch into the playoffs. 

"This man is one of the greatest COACHES, FATHER, HUSBAND, FRIEND, and PERSON in the world," Corri Zimmer continued. "He is the right leader for this team and he will get it turned around. He NEVER points blame or blames others for a loss. He spends what little free time he has with his family and making an impact in the community honoring his late wife."

Zimmer lost his wife, Vikki, unexpectedly to natural causes in October 2009. The Zimmers launched The Mike Zimmer Foundation earlier this year in honor of Vikki. The foundation's goal is to "carry on her giving heart and kind spirit by helping those in need." 

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