Mike Zimmer 'not a fan' of Kirk Cousins' apology to Adam Thielen

Zimmer might not be a fan of Cousins' podcast.
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Kirk Cousins

Mike Zimmer appears to have no interest in hearing about his quarterback apologizing to teammates, nor does he seem all that interested in listening to Kirk Cousins on a podcast. 

The talker came up during Zimmer's press conference on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after Cousins apologized to wide receiver Adam Thielen on Tuesday night's episode of "Under Center with Kirk Cousins." 

"No, like you said, it's reality," said Cousins when asked by Mark Rosen if he was offended by Thielen saying the Vikings can't be a one dimensional running team. "I really want to apologize to him because there's too many opportunities where we could've hit him on Sunday." 

Most obvious was the third-and-10 deep ball that Cousins overthrew by a few yards, turning what could've been an early touchdown into an incomplete pass and a punt.  

Thielen finished the game against Chicago with two catches for six yards, and he has just 13 receptions through four games this season. 

"The reality is there were opportunities for him," Cousins added. "I need to get him more opportunities, get him the football." 

Zimmer's response to the apology: “I’m not a fan of it, no."  

"He was probably just being nice. I mean, seriously, I’m not worried about it,” Zimmer added. "Maybe he should get off the podcast."

Zimmer later noted that Cousins is going to have to start making more aggressive throws. According to NexGen Stats, Cousins is the least aggressive quarterback in the NFL this season, with just 8.1 percent of his attempts thrown into tight coverage. 

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