Mike Zimmer's 'Tweet that' comment has been made into a t-shirt

The Vikings head coach uttered the phrase in response to a free agent rumor.
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Tweet That zimmer t shirt

When Mike Zimmer shut down the rumors of the Vikings being interested in free agent guard Richie Incognito, he had no idea of the impact his words would have.

"No interest and totally false. Tweet that," the Vikings supremo said last week, when asked to respond to Incognito's claims that Minnesota had shown interest in picking him up.

This in turn led to an explosive response from Incognito, who called Zimmer a "f------ liar," before later apologizing.

Anyway, some savvy individual recognized the potential of immortalizing Zimmer's acerbic comment, and it's now for sale through the Mike Zimmer Foundation.

The foundation, set up in memory of Zimmer's late wife Vikki, is now selling t-shirts emblazoned with "Tweet that," described as "Zimmer's new favorite one-liner."

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The logo – in purple and gold, obviously – has been designed by sign-maker Brad Behrends, of Behrends Signworks, and is now available for pre-order, costing $27.

All proceeds go to the foundation, which provides scholarships, free football youth camps, and special events for children suffering with cancer.

We'll put Richie Incognito down for a 3XL.

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