Minnesota radio station taunts 49ers with Vikings billboards in San Francisco

Kris Lindahl did something similar before the NFC title game in January 2018.
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KDWB billboard San Francisco

Bulletin-board material is a real thing in sports. It fires up the underdog and is always a go-to resource for Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, who just last week told the media that no one believed they could beat the Saints in New Orleans. 

Zimmer wasn't wrong. Almost every national "expert" picked the Saints to destroy the Vikings, who won 26-20 in overtime to silence the critics...for a day.

Now Minnesota is a big underdog entering Saturday's playoff game against the 49ers. But while Zimmer can use that as fuel to again motivate the team, the 49ers were given some billboard material thanks to a Minnesota radio station. 

KDWB's Dave Ryan has taken out a couple of billboards in the Bay Area taunting the Vikings' Saturday opponent. The billboard, dressed with purple and gold colors, predicts the Vikings will beat the 49ers 101-3. 

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A publicity stunt for sure, but here's hoping Ryan hasn't jinxed the Vikings – for those who believe in such a thing – much in the same way that the ubiquitous Twin Cities realtor Kris Lindahl did in 2018.

If you remember, Lindahl took out a billboard in Philadelphia taunting the Eagles prior to the January 2018 NFC Championship game.

What happened is history, with Philly scoring 38 straight points to send the Vikings home with another devastating playoff loss.

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